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Pointing by Tony Wallace are Brick Cleaning London Specialist  working to preserve, restore and improve buildings for over 30 years. We are specialist in the Brick Cleaning and Pointing industry with wide-ranging knowledge and experience on residential, commercial and historical buildings. We operate throughout London and the surrounding counties of Essex, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.

We are well known and trusted in the industry with home owners, builders, property developers and structural engineers as our clients. We advise our clients on alternative solutions that may have greater long-term benefits and work with them to achieve their goal to a high standard.

Pointing by Tony Wallace started as a one-man-band, by a young bricklayer working for property developers, who decided to specialise in the niche market of Brick Cleaning and Repointing in London. The Repointing industry at that time was extremely niche, Tony worked hard and took courses to learn and master all the Pointing techniques and Repointing methods.

Over the last 30 years, Pointing by Tony Wallace has grown to be one of the most renowned Repointing Specialists in London and beyond. The now team of 10 Specialist Pointers and Brick Cleaners are experts in all methods of Repointing and understand the importance of using the right techniques and materials to maintain the buildings heritage. Our Brick Cleaning specialists all are trained experts in brick cleaning properties with minimal damage to the brickwork.

London holds a diverse assortment of properties with some of its oldest constructions built as early as 1100 CE. Different pointing methods were used during different periods, i.e. Tuck Pointing was commonly used during the early 20th century, but now only skilled craftsmen with historic building expertise use this. Our repointing services cover all types of repointing used on new builds or in the conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

Brickwork Services

If you have any type of brickwork problem, we can certainly fix it! We pride ourselves in our offering of brickwork services. Not only will we have a brickwork solution, but we also have trade resources that will source like-for-like bricks. We can colour match mortar tints and use traditional authentic pointing techniques.

Pointing Services

Pointing is the technique of applying the substance between the bricks or stone used to erect a building. The substance between the bricks can differ depending on the age of the building. The substance often used on older buildings is mortar made from lime and newer buildings tend to be constructed with cement mortar. The areas surrounding the bricks are called mortar joints.

Repointing Services

Repointing is the technique of repairing the mortar joints between bricks or stone. Over time being exposed to the elements and general wear and tear, mortar joints will crack and/or disintegrate. Pointing repair requires a brickwork specialist that can identify the technique, age and damage and able to find a solution that is in keeping with the building’s heritage.

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Types of Repointing Techniques

Tuck Pointing : Tuck Pointing was commonly used on building from the 17th century until the 20th century. Now only few Repointing craftsmen use this method on the restoration and conservation of period properties. Old Tuck repointing should be replaced with like for like. All our Repointing Specialists are versed at this rare craftsmenship.

Cement Mortar : Cement mixed with fine sands and water. The ratio of cement to aggregates can differ depending on performance properties.

Lime Mortar Pointing : This is one of the eldest types of mortar also used going back as far as ancient Rome and Greece. It was often used on Georgian/Victorian properties as the soft and porous properties of lime mortar offer certain advantages when working with softer building materials like natural stone and terracotta. Several techniques can be used with Lime Mortar Pointing; Flush Pointing, Weather Struck Pointing or Bucket Handle Pointing.

Mortar : A bonding agent generally produced by mixing a binding material, typically lime or cement and fine aggregate e.g. sand, with water. Mortar can disintegrate from weathering and become more absorbent. This can lead to further external and internal problems.

Lime MortarLime mortar is produced by mixing fat lime or hydraulic lime with sand and water for Lime pointing. The ratio of lime to sand can differ to produce specific bonding properties.

Flush Pointing (lime or cement based) : This type of pointing is a technique where the mortar is slightly recessed by 1 or 2mm (also called Recessed Pointing). Originally the Flush pointing method was to press back the mortar by 5mm but was found to be more susceptible to water penetration and over the years the process has been altered.
Struck Pointing : It is a method where the mortar is pressed in by 1mm at the top with the bottom edge projecting out by 2mm. Struck Pointing gives a well-ordered appearance with the advantage of easier draining.

Brick Cleaning Services : Brick Cleaning in London has become more popular with increased level of grime and air pollution from chimneys, vehicles and in some cases outside the city factories. Paint Removal from brickwork has also increased. As a nation we love to preserve our traditional structures exposing all original elements.
Pointing by Tony Wallace use a chemical cleaning method as well as non chemical and non water techniques for indoor brick cleaning using TORC Machines on brick and on stonework cleaning as it is nonabrasive and less likely to cause damage to masonry. You can read here(TORC) for more details about Stone Cleaning and Brick Cleaning using TORC Machine. Brick cleaning is a simple process that entails a great deal of manual labor. Pointing by Tony Wallace has a tried and tested procedure used for many years that has proven to be the safest and least harmful brick cleaning method.

TORC Brick and Stone Cleaning Services: The TORC system, unlike the previously utilised, albeit more popular outdated JOS system, which use chemical and water formulas, is kind on the environment and gentle on your bricks and stonework. This is due to its unique nozzle design which creates a swirling vortex using a combination of fine inert granular materials, low pressure air and very little water.
The TORC machinery can accommodate different sizes of nozzle, which makes it possible to clean and restore anything from an entire church stone wall with a very large surface area, to a very intricate and much smaller section of brick. The chemical blasting used by earlier systems causes damage to fragile buildings, so the gentle action of the TORC system works perfectly with no damage to surroundings e.g. stained-glass.
This is not a blasting system so there is no risk of damage and nothing to be nervous about!

Pebbledash Removal Services : A form of render consisting of pebbles and stone to create a course finish for external walls. A post war trend and an inexpensive façade that years later is found unappealing. Pointing by Tony Wallace are Pebbledash Removal specialists. We manually remove the pebbledash with manual tools to limit damage to the underlying brickwork.
Paint Removal Services: Bricks are one of the longest lasting and strongest building materials having been used since circa 5000 BC. They do not require regular attention or maintenance but every decade or so, maintenance is needed for continued strength, protection and stability.
Often when homeowners think about exterior renovating or refreshing their homes, painting the bricks is often a consideration. This should be carefully considered, as paint is semi permanent, so make sure this is what you truly want.

Contact Tony Wallace now for your Brick Cleaning, Pebbledash Removal, Repointing or Paint Removal needs Tel: 07956 393381. You can also email us with the images and address with post codes for a quick estimate at

16 reviews on
June 23, 2023
The danger in getting Tony and his guys to do the brickwork, is that random strangers either knock on your door or stop you as you are leaving your house, to ask who did your job. The house looks incredible. So happy to have been introduced to Tony and his incredible workers.
Marian Donnelly
Marian Donnelly
June 22, 2023
Tony and his team did a brilliant job removing layers of paint and repointing the exterior of our Victorian terraced house. Each step of the process was meticulously undertaken and completed to a high standard and the project was well managed from start to finish by Tony who always went the extra mile to deal with snags and extras. The pointing on the newly renovated bricks is perfect and the house stands proudly among its neighbours. Tony and the team are hard working and professional, each with an eye for detail and an expert in their field. They were a pleasure to work with, timely and personable. We would highly recommend Pointing by Tony Wallace.
Irena Chmil
Irena Chmil
November 22, 2022
I am really happy with the repointing and brick repairs to the back of my house.Tony's workmen Devon and Mark worked hard and were lovely. The pointing is really neat. Tony also went to a lot of effort to ensure I ended up with the colour and finish I wanted. Looks beautiful. Would definitely recommend them Because Tony's team are so good at what they do they are really busy but it was definitely worth the wait!
Elsie Josland
Elsie Josland
November 12, 2021
Tony and his team have done a wonderful job repointing our house. Tony is professional and friendly and his team were very skilled. Also kept everything neat and tidy, arrived on time and worked quickly too. I highly recommend them.
October 30, 2021
We had Tony and his team to clean the brickwork of our house and repoint. The quality of the work is second to none, I would say it's the best I have ever seen after years of building industry work. Tony is an excellent professional and makes sure his work is delivered proudly. I would 100% recommend him to anyone that needs to clean and repoint brickwork.
Oliver Futter
Oliver Futter
October 28, 2021
Tony fully repointed my house to the very highest standard. The house is listed in a conservation area, so they are incredibly particular about maintaining the originality of the externals. Tony met with the conservation inspectors who were delighted with his work and they are now keen recommend him to others in the area. After fully renovating a house using countless tradesmen, Tony is without a doubt the best of all and I would use him again without hesitation. Many thanks!
Noga Applebaum
Noga Applebaum
September 3, 2021
It was a pleasure working with Tony and his team. They removed the paint off our period brick facade, and repaired it. It looks great! Service was very quick, and very reasonably priced, and totally worth it. Thanks Tony!
Luke Hargreaves
Luke Hargreaves
June 2, 2021
Really pleased with the repointing and brick repair work Tony and his team completed at our house. The brickwork at the front and back of our period home has really benefited from Tony’s expertise. The work was all completed on time and to budget. The team were very polite and helpful. We have had many compliments since the work was finished. Very happy to recommend.
Daniel Cawley
Daniel Cawley
May 27, 2021
Tony and his team did an excellent job removing poor quality render and repointing the exterior of our Edwardian semi detached house with lime mortar. The pointing on the newly cleaned bricks was of an excellent standard, and has been commented on by many of our neighbours, passers by, and by our builder who has over 50 years experience in this industry. Tony charged a reasonable price for the very high standard of work. His team were very hard working, and just got on with the job without a single complaint, and all nice guys too. Highly recommend without hesitation.