Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Brick Cleaning and Pointing Teddington


The Teddington is a suburb that is located in the south east of London. This is declared by the Sunday times the best place to live in London. There are lots of greeneries in this area in the form of a park, gardens and the River Thames is also present there. We, Pointing by Tony Wallace are offering repointing services in this city for many years. We with our best service are producing uncountable clients. We with our experts that are equipped with knowledge and skills satisfied the clients and left a positive impression on their faces.

Pointing services Teddington 

In this technique, the mortar joints between the joints and other masonry are repaired. The pointing services increase the value of your house and give back its beauty to it.

Tuck pointing Teddington

This tuck pointing is done when someone needs a quick treatment. In this treatment the old mortar is removed and replaced with a new one, which gives the original look like the previous one. A groove of 5mm deep and 3mm wide is created at the mid of the mortar joint. Then it is packed by white cement putty having an outgrowth of 3mm. In the lime mortar the correct ratio of lime and water is mixed to achieve the right consistency.

Stages in the repointing method

There are five stages in the process of repointing.

The first step is the pointed mortar joints are raked out up to the depth of 13-20mm. The second step includes the cleaning of the raked joints so that no dust and left over old mortar is left behind on it. Take the mortar in a plate of a rectangle shape made of iron. With the help of a tool, the pointing is completed with the full finishing and neatness. After the completion of work, special care should be given to your work. In the case of lime mortar, care for three days should be given, and in the case of cement mortar, care of ten days is necessary.


The sandblasting is the process in which we used particles of sand at high pressure for cleaning purposes. In the sandblasting the high-power sand blasting machine is used which sprays the particles at a high pressure. An air compressor is used for the release of sand particles at high pressure. The named sandblasting states that it blasts the surface with sand particles which make the surface smooth. In the process, first sand is poured into the machine. The sand blasting machine is connected to the air pressure machine. When this air pressure machine becomes active, it propels the sand out at high pressure through a small nozzle. The abrasive property of the sand particles helps in clearing and making the surface smooth. The concrete is removed with this process; as a result, a smooth surface is obtained.

Brick Cleaning Teddington

The aging and extreme weather conditions require brick cleaning process. The reason is they cause excessive damage to the bricks and reduce the value of the house. The exterior of the house looks dull and ugly. We pointing by Tony Wallace, provide services in brick cleaning to bring back the beauty and glory of your house. In the process of brick cleaning, extreme precaution is taken. The surrounding areas and plants all are covered and removed. The type of chemicals and the treatment is decided by our survey. The area which is to be treated is made clean. There is a lot of dirt, grime and growth present on the walls. The workers removed it, and then they saturated the bricks with water to check its absorbing power. Application of chemicals for brick cleaning is done with great care; after that, wait for a few hours. Water is used to clean the chemicals and rinse the surface thoroughly so that no residues of chemicals are left behind. In this way, we uplift the look of your house and make it stunning.