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Our Pointing team at Tony Wallace is an experienced one. Our team members have worked over years to become one of the best companies in and around London. We understand that the pointing process is a complex one and therefore, we put in great effort to help the customer achieve the desired results. This is more important, because most of our customers have little or no knowledge about the whole process.

It is very important to understand what pointing is. It is the process of filling brick joints with mortar. This is a crucial process because the drastic weather conditions as well as the environmental factors may have a toll on the bricks. These factors may cause the bricks to weather, break off and eventually erode affecting the structural stability of the building.

There are two basic ways in order to prevent erosion. The first is by using good quality cement in the mortar. While the second one is good quality brick work. It is also obvious that a recent building would require much less work than an older one.

Pebbledash Removal Services Forest Gate

As the name suggests, Pebble Dash is made from pebbles, sand, lime, gravel and shells making it a very harsh material. Pebble Dash is used on the exterior of the walls to create a layer of rocks. Since, this is a very concrete layer, we always advise our customers to only seek professional help if they want it removed and never use any DIY steps or tricks to remove it themselves.


Our laborer’s are very experienced in this regard, in the sense that they understand the process thoroughly and know the tips to remove the pebble dash without ruining the bricks or the walls. This is important because our team uses manual tools to remove the pebble dash and these tools tend to cause disruptance to the bricks if not done properly.

Our team at Pointing by Tony Wallace is perfectly capable of doing the process effectively . However, due to human error the bricks may erode or break off. Our team makes sure to restore them back to good condition so the stability of the building is not compromised at all. This structural stability of the building is maintained through the process of pointing.

Paint Removal Services Forest Gate

Most of our customers like change. Which is why our team at Pointing by tony Wallace always welcomes anyone who comes to us asking for the removal of their old paint wanting a new one. We are perfectly aware of the repercussions of the whole process and thus always ask our esteemed customers to not to try to do anything like this at home themselves and always get professional help.

The process is a little tricky. However, our experienced team knows perfectly how to handle it. For the recent paint, we only use water to remove it. The pressure of the water mellows the dust and other particles which eventually come off the bricks. However, if the paint is a little stubborn, we use chemicals such as phosphates to remove the harsh paints from the walls.

The pressure of the water along with the use of harsh chemicals may attack the life of the bricks causing them to erode and break off. Our team makes sure to erode them back into their good condition so the stability of the building is maintained and not compromised at all. This process of restoration is best done through the rigorous process of pointing.