Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Brick Restoration Highgate

Pointing Services Highgate

Tony Wallace is a recognized name in the masonry industry and our experienced workers have been working in Highgate and other areas of North London for many years now. We have been restoring both commercial and residential buildings. A well-maintained building not only adds aesthetic value to the community but also ensures a durable structure.

Client satisfaction is always our priority along with the structural stability of the building. The processes in building maintenance are complex, so we make sure that our clients who do not have enough knowledge about procedures are not at any disadvantage.

Pointing is used to repair disintegrated joints between bricks, which can result due to aging of the building and erosion caused by environmental factors. The defective mortar from joints is removed and the gaps are filled with fresh mortar.

Pebble dash Removal Highgate

Pebble-dash is a harsh material consisting of lime, sand, gravel, shells and often small pebbles. Therefore, it is mostly used on the exterior walls of the house to provide a resistant surface. Some customers residing in Highgate may find the pebble dash layer visually unappealing. We have got you covered.

As the mixture of pebble-dash suggests, removing the layer can be difficult and so requires specialists to make sure the inner brickwork is not damaged. We advise our customers not to use any techniques or DIY tricks, but only consult professionals to avoid heavy erosion of inner bricks and unsmooth walls as a result.

Our workers use manual tools to make sure that the structure of the building is not affected. For instance, if due to any human error the inner bricks get slightly damaged, our workers will restore the bricks to their original condition or at least to a good condition.

Further stability can be achieved by the pointing process.

Paint Removal Highgate

We acknowledge that our customers are always looking for good change and making their homes more appealing; the most prominent change is the new paint. Changing the paint of the wall does not require that the existing paint is old or flaky. Our team of paint removal experts in North London is fully aware of the repercussions of poor paint removal services, and the stability of the building is always our priority.

For the paint that is not too old, we work with water. The pressure of water mellows down the dust layer and helps in the removal of the paint layer. If this method does not work, then we resort to strong chemicals, like phosphates, to help in the process.

However, the action of water pressure and chemicals on the wall can cause erosion of bricks. It is important to restore the bricks to their original condition or to a good state, which does not compromise the stability of the structure. This is done through the process of pointing.