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Our pointing team at Tony Wallace is an experienced one and have worked for the development of the process of pointing over many years not only in but around London as well. The process of pointing is a much more crucial process than people understand it to be and therefore, most of our customers have little or no knowledge about the process. For this reason, our team makes a much greater effort to keep our customers satisfied.

It is equally important to understand what pointing is. It is the process whereby the brick joints are filled with mortar. This filling in is in fact a very important process because the weather and environmental factors cause the bricks to break off and erode affecting the structural stability of the building.

There are two major ways to prevent this. The first one is the use of good quality cement while the second one is the use of good quality bricks. These are important as both of them help in maintaining the stability of the building. Furthermore, it is in fact obvious that a recent building will require less work while an older building would require more work.

Pebble dash Removal Ilford

As the name suggests, pebble dash is a mixture of various materials including pebbles, sand, lime, gravel and shells making it a very harsh material. This is used on the exterior of the buildings and is accumulated with various dust particles over time. For this reason, we advise our customers to not do any DIY hacks themselves to remove this and only seek professional help.

Our laborer’s at Tony Wallace are experienced workers having done this work for a number of years. Our team uses manual tools and are very much careful to not ruin the walls or bricks underneath. This is because our teams know how to handle the bricks and the walls.

However, due to human error, some bricks may tend to erode or break off from the corners and would need to be restored immediately. Our team makes sure to do that so the structural stability of the building is not compromised. This stability of the building can be maintained through the process of pointing.

Paint Removal Ilford

Most of our customers have modern thinking and thus are accepting to change in their lifestyles. They come to us often and ask us to remove their old paint, giving them a new and improved look. We understand the problems that might come with it and so only advise our customers to take professional help to remove the paint and not do anything themselves.

The process to remove paint is a little tricky and needs attention. For the paint that is fairly recent we use water only. The pressure of the water helps mellow down the dust particles and makes them come out easily. However, if the paint is not coming off easily our team does use harsh chemicals such as phosphates for the removal process.

This pressure of water as well as the very harsh chemicals used, more often than not causes the chemicals to attack the life of the bricks making them erode and break off. For this reason, our team makes sure to restore the bricks back to their original shape to maintain the stability of the building. This can be easily done through the process of pointing.