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Tony Wallace is one of the most trusted and reliable masonry service providers in London. Our efficient workers have been concluding several masonry and house maintenance projects in Islington and other areas of North London for many years now.

For people who do not know much about building maintenance, choosing the right services may be difficult and we do not want them to stay behind in any way.

When a building gets old, the mortar which is used as a paste to bind the bricks together starts to crumble. If left unchecked, this can cause many serious problems. In pointing service, our workers remove the defective mortar and replace it with fresh mortar. They use the best quality cement in the new mix to make sure that the service lasts longer. Pointing is not only important for the structural stability of the building, but it also restores the charm of the wall.

Pebble dash Removal Islington

Pebble-dash is created with a variety of pebbles, stones, shells, sand and gravel. It is a harsh layer and is resilient to environmental effects. Furthermore, it requires very low maintenance. Some residents of Islington may not like the decorative effects of pebble-dash and hence desire to get it removed. We have got you covered!

Our labourers use manual tools to remove the pebble dash layer while being careful not to ruin the brickwork underneath. The aim is to recover the smooth wall. However, if – due to human error– some bricks get damaged, the workers will restore them to original or good as original condition. The structural stability or aesthetic appeal of the wall will not be compromised in any case.

Paint Removal Islington

Walls suffer a lot of wearing in years. Fresh paint not only gives a wall a cleaner look, but it can also add a personalized touch to your house. To coat a new layer of paint, the previous paint must be removed.

We have been providing paint removal services in both residential and commercial areas in Islington.

For the paint that is not too old, our workers work with water. If the water pressure is not helpful, then they have to use harsh chemicals like phosphates to help in the removal process. The use of harsh chemicals might damage the bricks underneath and we are fully aware of that. In case of any erosion, the labourers will restore the bricks to the original or good as the original state. The structural stability of the building is always our priority.

Our team at Tony Wallace advises the clients not to try any DIY hacks and tricks, but only consult professionals.