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Pointing Services Woodford

Our pointing team at Tony Wallace is very experienced and have worked on the pointing process for many years, in and around London as well. The pointing process is a very complex one and therefore we believe that it requires a lot more effort. Another major point is the fact that most of our customers have little or mostly no knowledge of what the pointing process consists of and therefore ask for our help.

It is very important to understand what pointing is. It is the process by which mortar is filled in between bricks. This process is especially important because drastic weather conditions and environmental hazards cause the bricks to erode and weather breaking off. These often lead to disrupting the structural stability of the building.

There are two major ways in which these issues may be prevented. The first one pertains to having good quality bricks while the second one is the use of good quality cement since both play a role in the stability of the building. It is also obvious that a recent building would ask for less work while an older building would require more work.

Pebble dash Removal Services Woodford

As the name suggests, Pebble Dash is a compound of various materials including pebbles, lime, sand along with gravel and shells. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the harsh materials and thus only used on the exterior walls of the building. Our team has had various years of experience working with this material and thus we advise our customers to not use any DIY hacks to remove this from their walls and only ask for professional help.

Our team uses manual tools for the removal of this material and with the experience that our team has, we make sure to not ruin the walls and bricks underneath. This is because our team at Tony Wallace knows the hacks to get the perfect results without damaging the walls.

However, due to human error, there may be circumstances where the bricks or the walls may be affected by the use of sharp tools. For this reason, our team finds it most necessary to restore the condition back to their original state or anything that does not compromise the stability of the building. This can be achieved through the process of pointing.

Paint Removal Woodford

Many of our customers affiliated with us at Tony Wallace like, rather prefer change. For this wonderful reason, they keep coming to us again and again to get their older paint removed looking for a new more improved look of their homes and buildings. Our team at Tony Wallace understands the repercussions of how difficult the process may be and so we always advise our customers to not try to do it at home.

The whole process takes a lot of time and effort. For the recent paint, we only use water as the pressure of the water causes the particles of dust as well as the paint to come off easily. However, if the paint is not coming off, our team will use harsh chemicals such as phosphates.

The pressure of the water and the use of these harsh chemicals mostly attacks the life of bricks causing them to erode. For this reason, we must restore them back into good quality so that they remain stable. This can be achieved through the process of pointing.