Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace
  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why do I need to brick clean my property?

Living in highly polluted areas like large towns and cities, the structural facade tends to darken due to the heavy soiling from constant fumes, grime and weathering. Brick cleaning is not a necessity, but if you’re looking to bring your property back to life, looking new and polished, it’s worth considering a professional brick cleaning company.


  •  Can I brick clean myself or do I need to hire a brick cleaning company?

Brick cleaning is a specialist trade and most brick cleaning companies will only use tradesmen’s with years of experience and expertise. Or they train their tradesmen’s themselves to ensure they have the skills required to complete the job to a high standard. Unless you have some experience in the trade, I would suggest hiring a brick cleaning company that:

  1. Protect the windows and structural elements from the chemicals used
  2. Have the correct and necessary tools to complete the job to a high standard
  3. The expertise to mix the precise chemical formulas
  4. The relevant insurance policies


  •   What is involved in the brick cleaning process?It depends which brick cleaning company is used as there are various methods used to brick clean. The most popular method is the pressure washer method.  The pressure washer is a high-powered water spray system.  Firstly, scaffolding will be required to maneuverer freely along or around the structure. Windows and structural elements will be protected with plastic sheeting.  A mild chemical mix and hot water is used through the pressure washer and the force of the water and formulated chemical mix helps to remove the dirt and soiling off the brickwork. For more stubborn areas manual tools like a stiff-bristled brush or an abrasive will be used. The brickwork will begin to look brand new. If you want your window frames and front door painted as well to finish off the look, the brick cleaning company generally have a painter on board for these jobs.
  • Does the pressure washer method damage the bricks or mortar?The pressure washer method can be one of the gentlest of all methods, if you have to skills to use them effectively. Sandblasting for example, is often used for stubborn stains and paint/graffiti removal, but it is slightly more abrasive and can remove lose mortar and damage bricks if not used with expertise.


  •  Will the chemical mixture ruin my plants in the garden below?A reliable and responsible brick cleaning company will protect all elements around the wall to avoid ruin. Plastic sheeting protects against dirty water sprays, the chemical mixture reaching surfaces it shouldn’t and protects any paving and/or gardens below.


  • How much does it cost to brick clean? How is the price calculated?Commonly, a brick cleaning company will charge one price with no added extras for the whole job. Each house is different and the amount of brickwork exposed as opposed to plaster and stonework differ from property to property.  A good brick cleaning company will provide a no obligation quotation for the whole job (usually including scaffolding).


  •  Once the property is brick cleaned, do I need to do any maintenance?No, once the bricks are cleaned just enjoy the new life your building has been given and embrace being the cleanest house on the street!


If you are hoping to bring your property back to its formal glory or need any advise on brick cleaning, contact a reputable brick cleaning company, Repointing Brick on 07956-393381 or email at  Visit our website at to view some of our recent work.