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Paint Removal South London

Paint Removal South London

If we observe the London architect’s, most of the houses and buildings are mainly made of bricks, stone and pebble dash. The buildings and houses in south London have under a great influence of history in their design and use of material. Now in the 21st century most of the people’s choices have changed. Most of the people want an architect of contemporary styles. The use of paint is popular in every period of time for giving a finished look to the houses and buildings. Paint has always had its value irrespective of the period and time.

  • Need for paint removal

House demands paint removal because there are some areas where weather conditions are severe, such as high humidity and heavy rainfall. These condition causes distort the paint of walls. These areas need frequent paint application after a few years. Paint removal is necessary when we apply a new coat of paint. We tony Wallace provides, paint removal services in north London with your single phone call on your door step.

  • Paint removal services

In paint removal we use masonry chemicals and hydro-cleansing products. The selection of the product depends upon the building material. For selecting the right product, we visit the client’s house free of cost. We have experts and modified tools and wealth of knowledge for this purpose.

Paint can be removed by the following ways:

  • Water-based removal
  • Chemical removal
  • Abrasive removal


  • Water-based removal

Removal of masonry paint from bricks is difficult. Application of paint on that structure is makes the wall difficult to breathe. For the removal of paint from such a structure we use modern therma tech equipment. In this technique the tool produces high temperature spray for the removal of paint and other substances and a wide range of materials from the wall. This technique makes the wall treated without any damage.

  • Paint removal from chemical

In removing the paint from brick, chemical is required. Sometimes paint from masonry required chemical. But before its application, we first use it in the small area. If the result is not devastating, then we apply it wholly. The reason is that some time chemicals remove the paint but also damage the bricks of the wall. In that case we provide full certainty of using repairing. We always give the strategy before using chemicals for paint removal

  • Rough paint removal

Extra pressure is required for the removal, of abrasive paint from the wall. For abrasive paint removal we first steamed, dissolved and physically remove the paint from the walls. We try our best to make your bricks under the walls breathe again. We give back the original glory of your house.

The rough or old paint scrapping method is also used in some areas. In this method, blade or a sharp knife is used for scrapping.

We in north London provide all types of services according to the client demands. In addition, during our service, if some damage occurs by mistake, we give service of repair free of cost