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Pebble dash Removal South London

Pebble dash removal in south London

Pebble dash gives a quite distinctive finish look to the walls of the house. It enhances the look of your house walls. It is basically a mixture of sand and cement layer with the combination of small stones. It usually applied in different ways before the mortar that you applied got dried. Historical influence of London is seen in most of its architecture. In south London, Most of the houses have such type of architecture which has pebble dash or stones in their walls. The use of pebble dash walls requires very low maintenance. On the other hand, the use of pebble dash in construction makes your home weather proof.

  • Need for pebble dash removal services

Now days it is considered out dated. As time passed, the pebble dash lost its pictorial look and gave the walls of the house an old look. The value and look of the house is becoming less. This is the reason why people want to remove it from their house walls. Some people complain that when time passed, the stone gets lose and fell out. This problem is prevailing in those areas where there is an extreme weather condition such as excessive rainfalls, high moisture and damp condition.

  • Tony Wallace Pebble dash removal services:

We in north London cover many areas in providing pebble dash removal services at your one call on your door step. We provide services with modern upgraded tools and experienced workers. It is not necessary that the wall of each house has same condition and materials used. Every house has different types of wall condition and material. So we with our wealth of knowledge do this difficult task with great care.

  • Steps in pebble dash removal

Following are the steps that we used while doing pebble dash removal:

  • Investigation
  • Removal of pebble dash from walls
  • Cleaning of bricks and its restoration
  • Use of some other products


  • Investigation

Our first step at the start of service is to visit the house of the client. Our team visits the house without any cost. We investigate the material which is present in the construction. We inspect the whole area with full attention by analyzing each thing which is to be treated. After analysis, we select the chemical products that we use in our services.

  • Removal of pebble dash from walls

We consider it our duty to give the correct opinion to our customers. We usually used to say them use some substitutes rather than pebble dash removal. The reason is in our opinion, pebble dash are strongly fixed in walls. So during their sometimes it may damage the bricks that are present below it.

  • Cleaning of bricks cleaned and its restoration

During removal, the damage which occurs is restored by our services. We employ different ways to restore the damaged area and fix it. We do this job with such efficiency that it brings back the original glory of your walls.

  • Use of some other products

There are two options in the use of alternatives. One way is to apply insulation to the external walls made of pebble dash. It will give a fine look. Although because of its coarse surface it doesn’t fit well, it will keep your house warmer.

The Second option is used for fine spray on the walls. This spray gives an outclass look and changes the look of your walls. It will upgrade the face of the wall. This spray is suitable to apply on pebbles, stones, and stucco wall surfaces