Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Waterless Interior Brickwork Stone Cleaning

Brickwork and Stone Work cleaning with TORC using no water/chemical

Welcome to Pointing by Tony Wallace. As well as the extensive brickwork services the company offers such as repointing and pebbledash removal, Tony Wallace and his team of professionals are a London Stone-Cleaning Company, and take pride in working with Building Surveyors and Property Developers to ensure that every aspect of the brick-cleaning, stone-cleaning and masonry cleaning needs is met.

In addition to private houses, we cover a wide spectrum of building structures, including Grade I & II Listed Buildings, Conservation Institutions, Churches, English Heritage sites, and all kinds of Historic Buildings all over London and beyond. That is a lot of brickwork and stonework that we have been responsible for over the years! We have seen it all. We are also proud to introduce the TORC system of brick and stone cleaning into our repertoire.

Is the brickwork or stonework on your building lacklustre and tired? Has years of exposure to the elements caused a build-up of dirt and grime yet you do not wish harsh treatment to your delicate brickwork or fragile stonework?

It is only natural that the once clean and bright appearance of buildings deteriorate with age. This is due to several factors, in particular traffic and air pollution and natural growths such as moss and algae.

Do you have stubborn stains that need removing, oil-based paint stains, even graffiti markings, yet your building is listed or you’re not sure whether a good clean will cause more harm than good or be too abrasive for the delicate nature of the brick or stone-work? Are you concerned about which harsh chemicals will be used and its subsequent damage to the environment?

It is imperative that protecting these buildings has become our Number 1 priority, twinned with the necessity of working in an eco-friendly manner, and with this in mind you can rest assured that we have the expertise, knowledge and experience of ensuring the upmost care will be taken in the handling of your brick and stone cleaning.

We pride ourselves in guaranteeing you a pristine finish to your building, but how do we achieve this? How can we guarantee this?

It is incredibly important that a lot of thought goes into how to clean them correctly, and our team utilises the TORC system.

So what is the TORC method of stone and brick cleaning? Why choose TORC for your masonry when other methods have proven popular thus far? How does it work?

As mentioned previously, our clientele includes famous buildings belonging to English Heritage, Churches in and around London, Stately Homes and Historical Buildings, and with this in mind, this innovative brick and stone cleaning system is in our opinion the best to use.

The TORC system, unlike the previously utilised, albeit more popular outdated JOS system, which use chemical and water formulas, is kind on the environment and gentle on your bricks and stonework. This is due to its unique nozzle design which creates a swirling vortex using a combination of fine inert granular materials, low pressure air and very little water.

The TORC machinery can accommodate different sizes of nozzle, which makes it possible to clean and restore anything from an entire church stone wall with a very large surface area, to a very intricate and much smaller section of brick. The chemical blasting used by earlier systems causes damage to fragile buildings, so the gentle action of the TORC system works perfectly with no damage to surroundings e.g. stained-glass.

This is not a blasting system so there is no risk of damage and nothing to be nervous about!

So if you have any staining on your fragile brickwork, any limescale damage or cement based paint needing to be removed, then with TORC brick and stone cleaning we have the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution for you.

We can therefore guarantee that your brickwork and stonework, however delicate, will be handled with our non-chemical solution, yet still come out looking new and as authentic to its original appearance as is possible. Visit our gallery to see some examples of buildings we have transformed to their former glory!

We hope we have given some insight into what we can do for your stone-cleaning and brick-cleaning needs. For any other questions on our services and to discuss the TORC system of gentle action stone-cleaning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our Brick-cleaning and Stone-cleaning London company of professionals is just one click away! We look forward to discussing all your Masonry Cleaning needs!