Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Brick Cleaning South London

Brick Cleaning in South London

The structural integrity of bricks requires regular brick cleaning. The houses have dirt and grime deposition on their walls which can take away the luster of your home’s exterior. Occasional maintenance like brick cleaning is necessary and requires care to make it durable and long lasting. Harsh weather like heavy rain or high moisture is brutal outdoor, and destroys your outer wall.

Following are the steps that are required for brick cleaning services:

  • Choose the best product

The bricks are of different types. This shows that brick cleaning solutions vary with the types of bricks, and they have different effect. The effectiveness of a commercial brick cleaning solution does vary greatly. The effects on traditional burnt clay bricks and concrete or sand lime bricks are different. For those who don’t want to use harsh chemicals for brick cleaning, we use several natural and more cost-effective solutions to use for cleaning bricks. We decided this in our survey which we made to the customer’s house. This survey is unpaid

  • Area surrounding the brick

The surrounding area is protected by covering with plastic on greenery. Brick cleaning solutions are harmful to plant and animal life. The windows, doors and any non-brick surfaces should be covered with plastic or a sheet.

  • Checking the absorption rate of bricks

Brick has a porous structure than other surfaces. Their response to various cleaning agents is different. For any unexpected reaction, you want to destroy or change the natural color. Spray water on a small area with the garden hose. The brick color turns darker immediately, then clean the bricks in small areas with varying time intervals.

  • Drench with water

Make sure that area you want to clean must saturate with the area from the top down. This is the best practice when it comes to having a clean brick.

  • Application of brick cleaning solution

Apply brick cleaning solution, to the saturated area. If you are using some acidic solution then clean the area with a power spray

  • Wash thoroughly

Wash the area from top to bottom thoroughly three to four times or until you make sure that no chemical will be left behind on the bricks.