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Brick Restoration Hackney

Pointing Services Hackney

Our team at Tony Wallace consists of specialists who can deal with all your masonry problems and needs. We have been working in Hackney and other surrounding areas for years now, providing the best rates and quality services to our customers. We understand that some customers may not have enough knowledge about the processes in building maintenance, so we try our best to describe the processes and help them until they are satisfied.

Pointing is the maintenance service for considerably old buildings. The joints between the bricks become weak with time, as the mortar which acts as a gap-filling adhesive between the bricks has less lifespan than the bricks themselves. If the environmental conditions are harsh, then the mortar may become defective early. Our workers use the best quality cement in making the fresh mortar to fill the void. Using the best quality cement is not only necessary for the stability of the building, but also to make sure that pointing service lasts longer.

Pebble-Dash Removal Services Hackney

Pebbledash is a harsh layer that is used on the exterior walls of the buildings to save them from erosion caused by harsh environmental conditions. It consists of pebbles, lime, sand, gravel and shells. Some people may not like it and want to get it removed; our experts can deal with that. Removing pebble dash can be a difficult job and if done poorly, the bricks may get damaged. We have been doing these services in Hackney for a long time now; therefore, our specialists cautiously use manual tools to remove the layer. If, due to human error, some bricks get eroded, our workers will restore them to their original condition or at least good condition.

Paint Removal Services Hackney

Whenever customers affiliated with Tony Wallace want to change the outlook of their homes, the first thing they intend to get done is changing the paint.

Our professional workers first try to remove the paint layer by only using water. If the paint is not too old, then it works. Otherwise, they use some harsh chemicals, like phosphates, alongside water to remove the remaining paint. The action of water pressure and chemicals may cause erosion of some bricks which may not be good for the stability of the building. Our workers are fully aware of this potential problem and will repair any damaged bricks.

We advise our clients not to try these services themselves using tips and techniques available on the internet, but only consult professionals. Any process done wrongly becomes a threat to the building’s structure stability. That is why we, at Tony Wallace, always care about the safety of the building and hence the client.