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Pointing Services Tottenham

We at Tony Wallace are a team of workers specializing in masonry and brickwork services and have been working in Tottenham and other North London areas for a long time now. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we make sure that they are getting the best rates for the services.

Some customers who have little or no knowledge about house maintenance may get anxious in choosing services. We have got you covered!

Pointing service is needed when gaps start to form between brick joints. This is dangerous for the structural stability of the building and should be taken care of as soon as possible. The gaps can form due to harsh environmental conditions and aging of the building because the mortar which is used as a gap-filling adhesive between the bricks has a shorter lifespan than the bricks. Our workers first remove the old mortar and apply the fresh mortar. We use the best quality cement in making the mixture of mortar to make sure that the service lasts longer.

Pebble dash Removal Tottenham

Pebble-dash is a harsh material consisting of lime, sand, gravel, and often small pebbles. It is mostly used on exterior walls or exposed locations of the house to provide a resilient surface. Some people may find the pebble dash layer visually unappealing and may want to get it removed.

Removing the pebble dash layer can be difficult, so it requires specialists to make sure the inner brickwork is not damaged.

We advise our customers not to use any DIY techniques themselves and consult professionals to avoid heavy erosion of inner bricks, resulting in unsmooth walls.

Our workers, who have been working in Tottenham for many years now, use manual tools to make sure the structure of the building is not affected. For instance, if due to any human error the bricks get slightly damaged, our workers will restore the bricks to their original condition or at least to a good as original condition.

Further stability can be achieved by the pointing process.

Paint Removal Tottenham

Good house paint can complement the overall look of the house, while flaky and old paint can decrease its value. People come to us wanting to change the house paint either because it is too old or because they want to update the look.

The paint removal process is a little tricky. For paint that is not older, we only try to work with water. The pressure of the water can help mellow down the dust particles and make the paint come out easily. However, if the paint is not coming off with the water, we use harsh chemicals such as phosphates to help remove it.

The pressure of the water along with the use of such harsh chemicals may cause the bricks to erode. It is therefore important for the bricks to be restored to their original or good as original condition. We will never allow the stability of the building to be compromised.