Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

pebble dash removal east london

Pebble dash Removal East London

Pebbledash is a masonry coating applied to original brickwork. The main purpose of this harsh material on the wall is to maintain insulation while giving a decorative touch to the brick wall and the building. As the name suggests smooth pebbles are smashed onto the cement coated wall that provides a speckled effect.


The removal of pebbledash may be a little difficult as well as harsh to the bricks and the walls, which is why our team at Tony Wallace is especially trained and experienced as to how to remove the material from the wall. The removal process is slow and requires a lot of patience as the pebbledash is removed using manual tools.


After the process is completed, some bricks may be affected due to the tools causing weathering or erosion. For this reason, our team makes sure to replace all the damaged mortar from around the bricks. The mortar that Tony Wallace’s team provides will always be matching with the bricks so it does not look out of place. A special sealant will also be applied to protect and clear up the new brickwork.