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Brick Cleaning And Pointing Kingston

Brick Cleaning & Pointing Services Kingston

Kingston upon Thames is a town in Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, England. It is situated on the River Thames and 10 miles southwest of Charing Cross. The town is located at the eastern end of Ontario. The city is famous for its historical site, Fort Henry, Wolfe Island, the city Hall and many more. The city is rich in culture and has remarkable institutes for education. Pointing by tony Wallace is providing outstanding pointing services in this city for many years.

Repointing Kingston

Repointing gives back the value of your house by restoring its glory. The process of repointing is done on the outer surface of the mortar on the wall which is worn out or damaged.

When do we need a Repointing at home?

The area which receives heavy rain fall or extreme weather condition needs frequent pointing services. The reason is excessive weather affects the outer face of walls. The mortar and bricks become damaged and deteriorate due to extreme weather.

Steps in the process of Repointing

The repointing is done in a series of steps. The first step is the cleaning of the surface which is to be treated. The second step is the removal of the old mortar from the wall. The removal of the old mortar is necessary as it makes the application of the new one easy. The third step is after the layering of the new mortar, let it dry for some time. Then remove the dirt and excess mortar from the surface. This gives a neat and finished look of the house.

Lime mortar and Tuck Pointing

Our services also include the use of lime mortar and tuck pointing. These two types of pointing are done on the basis of the type of conditions. The reason is this tuck pointing is done on the old mortar. This abrupt application of new mortar on the old helps in the removing of cracks and holes. In lime mortar the mixture of water and lime is mixed in the correct ratio for achieving the desired consistency.

Sand blasting

We pointing by tony Wallace are providing services in the sand blasting with our expert workers and advanced tools. Our services make our customer satisfied and leave a positive impression on their face. The sand blasting services involve the use of sand at high pressure. The high pressurized sand removes the dirt and other materials from the surface. This process is very effective in the removal of old paint from the surface. The process of cleaning is so fast and cost effective that it saves your time and money.

Process of Sand Blasting

The process involves the adding of sand in the sand blasting machine. The sand blasting machine is connected with the conventional air pressure. The sandblasting machine propels the sand out from the small nozzle. The size of nozzle is adjustable for propel the sand according to your demand.

When sand blasted because of its abrasive properties it creates the smoother surface. For example concrete is sand blasted from the surface.

Brick cleaning Kingston

In the process of brick cleaning the exterior of the wall is cleaned to enhance the beauty of house. There are different reasons that need a brick cleaning of the surface. The aging of the building and has severe weather is the cause of deposition of dirt, pollutants and other types of grime on it. So it makes the look of your house dull and gloomy.

The process of brick cleaning is very easy and economical. In this process chemical is used for the brick cleaning. There are different chemicals that are used in this process depending upon the conditions. This decision is made after the survey of the place when our team visits the customer’s house. Then further processes are made. In these processes, surrounding areas is covered to protect them from the treated areas. Then the bricks are washed to the point of absorption then chemicals are used on them for cleaning. After the cleaning again they are washed with pressurized water to rinse off the chemical residue and other pollutant and dirt.

We are proud to announce chemical free Interior Brick Cleaning Using TORC Technology. Please Get in touch with us for Free Estimate for Interior and Exterior Brick Cleaning and Pointing Services.